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Noni Fruit Leather Provides Natural Eczema Relief and Psoriasis Treatment, Healing Your Skin from the Inside Out.

  • Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients
  • Gives an Immunological Boost Provided by High Vitamin Content
  • Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • A Natural Treatment for Healing Your Skin from the Inside Out
  • All-Organic, Gentle, and Fast-Acting


8 oz Bottle: $29.00

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 Noni Fruit Heals and Protects Skin: Eczema Relief and Psoriasis Treatment

Noni Fruit Heals and Protects Skin: Eczema Relief and Psoriasis Treatment

Lavender Noni Lotion is a leader among Natural Eczema Relief and Psoriasis Treatment.

Remedy & Relief

  • A Soothing, Natural Eczema Remedy
  • A Potent Lotion for Natural Psoriasis Treatment
  • A Safe, Natural Alternative to Steroid Creams
  • More Effective Than Hydrocortisone
  • Soothes Itchiness And Irritation
  • Speeds the Healing Process from the Outside In
  • All natural pain relief
  • Eases Inflammation of Joints and Skin

The Natural Healing Purity and Potency of Noni Fruit

Noni fruit from Hawaiian Health Ohana, the organic family farm on the Isle of Kauai, is low-heat processed (below 115 degrees) and non-fermented to preserve maximum medicinal qualities. It retains the full potency of the 165 compounds found in the pulp of noni. The result is a raw whole food concentrate and lotion that is extremely potent and effective. The ratio is 14:1 meaning that 1 oz. equals 14 ounces of noni fruit. A 2 oz. package of Noni Fruit Leather is approximately a one-month supply.

The effectiveness of noni fruit seems to be a considerably better option than hydrocortisone or other topical steroids, commonly prescribed as treatments for both eczema and psoriasis.

Lavender Noni Lotion Is an Natural Eczema Relief and Natural Psoriasis Treatment.

The Lavender Noni Lotion provides natural eczema relief and psoriasis treatment as well as a variety of other skin issues including sunburn, abrasion, injury, and swelling. Lavender Noni lotion is particularly helpful in providing eczema relief while also soothing itchiness and irritation, speeding the healing process, and easing inflammation of joints and skin.



"Very few people understand the pain and suffering my psoriasis causes but your lotion brings immediate relief and promotes healthy skin growth."

"I have suffered from terrible psoriasis and eczema on my hands (and body) for years. I have tried all kinds of lotions and sprays only to find that sunshine and salt water work best. My father recently went on a cruise to Hawaii and found your Lavender Noni Lotion. I used your product for about two weeks and it was simply amazing! It goes on easy and does not sting. It creates a 'liquid bandage' of sorts and promotes healthy non-psoriatic skin cell growth. It is nongreasy and easily transportable- I simply love it! Very few people understand the pain and suffering my psoriasis causes but your lotion brings immediate relief and promotes healthy skin growth. Even better is the fact that your product is completely organic- a breath of fresh air in the world of chemicals and synthetics we are currently living in. Thank you for creating this product and keep up the good work."

-- M.L. -- New York City, New York.

With Noni Fruit Leather and Lavender Noni Lotion, You Now Have a Natural Eczema Remedy and Natural Psoriasis Treatment.

At last! Natural eczema relief and natural psoriasis treatment has been found. With Noni Fruit Leather and Lavender Noni Lotion, psoriasis and eczema can be cured naturally and gently - ending the cycle of discomfort, pain, and infection through the healing goodness of the noni fruit. For a natural psoriasis treatment or eczema relief, try the Noni Fruit Leather and the Lavender Noni Lotion today!



4oz Bottle: $18.00

8oz Bottle: $29.00



Your Body Loves to Overreact: Causes of Eczema

Eczema is a recurring form of persistent dermatitis. Hypersensitive immune systems respond to foreign agents setting off a histamine response. This reaction typically occurs at a local site sometimes with a small abrasion or small puncture of the skin. The body's overreaction to the original irritant causes a chain reaction of splitting of the skin, damage to the protective epidermis, and a cycle of irritation, re-injury and sometimes, even infection.

Your Genes are Malfunctioning: Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, triggered by an immunological response to a perceived invader. Psoriasis occurs when HLA genes malfunction and are triggered erroneously. Stress, injury to the skin's surface, or reactions to certain drugs have also been known to trigger psoriasis. Dry, red patches of skin generally characterize Psoriasis. Additionally, the skin can be covered with scales and accompanied by irritation and itchiness.



4oz Bottle: $18.00

8oz Bottle: $29.00


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